Novaro Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo Black

Novaro Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo Black

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For those that need to type quickly and accurately, the keyboard features quick access for multimedia control and comfortable keys for a smooth typing experience. Additionally, this waterproof and anti-dust design ensures the keyboard will stand up to tough wear-and-tear and last for years of use.


The mouse is just as impressive as the keyboard, with optical technology ensuring a precise click, and rubber scroll providing a smooth scrolling action. Plus, with a high-precision optical sensor, you can be sure that your cursor will always be exactly where you want it.


Finally, the comfort, accuracy, and durability of this wireless combo make it the perfect companion for your computer. Thanks to the single USB dongle, reliable design, and intuitive multimedia control, you can be sure that this combo will make your computer experience a smooth and enjoyable one.



  • 2.4G Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo
  • Single USB Dongle for Both Keyboard & Mouse



  • 2.4G Wireless Keyboard
  • Waterproof and Anti-Dust Design for Durable Use
  • Full Size, Standard Number of Keys



  • With Fn Key
  • F1-F12 Keys Can be Used as Multimedia Keys with FN Key
  • Quick Access for Multimedia Control
  • F1->Home, F2->Mail, F3-> Search, F4->Music, F5-> Play/Pause, F6->Last Song, F7->Next Song, F8->Volume -, F9->Volume +,F10->Mute,F11-> My Computer, F12->Calculator



  • 2.4G Wireless Mouse
  • Powered by 2 x AAA Batteryv (Not Included)
  • Optical Technology For Precise Control
  • Left Key/Right Key/Scroll (Middle Key)/DPI
  • Rubber Scroll for Smooth Scrolling Action
  • High-Precision Optical Sensor
  • Works on Most Surfaces






System Compatibility

DOS, Windows, IBM PC & Unix, Win7, Win 8, Win 10, Vista

Keyboard Size

43 x 14.5 x 2.5 cm

Keyboard Net Weight


Keyboard Material

ABS Material

Keyboard Switch Life

10 Million Keystrokes

Mouse Size

1.0 x 6.0 x 3.6 cm

Mouse No Of Buttons


Mouse Chipset


Mouse DPI

800, 1200, 1600 (Selectable)

Mouse Switch Life

3 Million Clicks