POPIA - Protection of Personal Information Act

What is the purpose of POPIA?

The summary of the purpose of Protection of Personal Information Act No 2 of 2013 (POPIA) is, to give effect to the constitutional right to privacy by safeguarding Personal Information when processed by a Responsible Party, being The Inky Shop (Pty) Ltd; to regulate the manner in which Personal Information may be processed by establishing 8 conditions that prescribe the minimum requirements for lawful processing of Personal Information; and to provide rights and remedies to protect your Personal Information from processing that is not in accordance with this Act.

The 8 conditions are as follows:

Condition 1


Condition 5

Information quality

Condition 2

Processing limitation

Condition 6


Condition 3

Purpose specification

Condition 7

Security safeguards

Condition 4

Further processing limitation

Condition 8

Data subject participation

How does this impact you, the customer of The Inky Shop?

The Inky Shop will collect Personal Information from you, only when it is relevant to do so, and with your consent. At the time of concluding the sale and willingly providing your Personal Information, you hereby consent to The Inky Shop to process your Personal Information. The Inky Shop will not process Personal Information of children unless prior consent is obtained from a competent person. The Inky Shop will not process Special Personal Information of customers.

What Information might we process and what is its purpose?

We will process the following Personal Information when relevant to do so, upon your consent - Instore:

Personal Information


Full name

Email Address

Contact Number

Refill Loyalty Promotion & Ad Hoc promotions

Historical Purchases referral

Ease of returns

Special Orders

Refill Pickup Orders

Email Invoices

VAT Number

On request of customer for VAT input purposes

Banking details

For EFT refund purposes

Security Camera recording

For crime prevention and detection, for public, employee, and property safety


We will process the following Personal Information when you register an account on the Inky Shop Online Store:

Personal Information


Full name

Email address

Contact number

VAT Number (Optional)

Delivery Address

Log in credentials

Execute payment via 3rd party payment gateway

Support queries

Execute online deliveries via 3rd party couriers

Email Invoices


How long do we retain your Personal Information?

The Inky Shop will retain Personal Information dependent on a variety of factors, which include the requirement of retention of records by law; to facilitate an ongoing customer relationship; until the type of Personal Information is no longer relevant to the purpose it was processed, after which the Personal Information will be deleted or destroyed.  

What is further processing and how is it limited?

All Personal Information processed can only be used for its intended purpose for which you have given consent. No further processing beyond its purpose may take place unless consent is obtained to do so. Personal Information cannot be passed onto a 3rd party without your consent. Please note that by purchasing from our online store, you engage in our service and consent to our third-party providers, namely our payment gateway and our courier suppliers, to collect and process your Personal Information only to the extent necessary to allow them to perform the services they provide to us. These third parties will be governed by their own Privacy Policies.

Your rights and duties

You also have a right to request, free of charge, using the prescribed form as per Promotion of Information Act No. 2 of 2000 (PAIA), what Personal Information is on record with The Inky Shop.

  • You have the right to have the Personal Information, updated, rectified, as well as deleted or destroyed where such a request does not oppose other laws as already mentioned.
  • You have the right to withdraw your consent.
  • You have the right to object to the use of your Personal Information, which would require the use of the prescribed form referenced in PAIA.
  • You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Regulator if your requests are not resolved through the Responsible Party’s Information Officer.
  • You have the duty to inform the Responsible Party of changes to your Personal Information.


The Inky Shop

Information Officer:          Brett Cane

Email Address:                 InformationOfficer@inkyshop.co.za


Information Regulator

Email - General Enquires:        inforeg@justice.gov.za

Email – Complaints:                compliants.IR@justice.gov.za