Ink Refill Service

At selected Inky Shops we make refilling your inkjet cartridges easy with our ink refill service!
Bring in your empty inkjet cartridges to be refilled while you wait or do your shopping.

What are the benefits of our Inky Shop ink refill service?

  • Refilling of most major brands of inkjet cartridge
  • Professional quality vacuum-fill technology
  • Premium quality inks that are cartridge specific and 100% compatible with your printer cartridge
  • Yields and print quality to match the original
  • Doesn’t void your printer warranty
  • 100% money-back guarantee

To extend the life of your printer cartridges, take proper care of them by following these steps:

  • Always refill your empty cartridges with premium quality, cartridge specific ink as carried out by The Inky Shop, to ensure superior results.
  • Never touch the copper plate of the printhead with your fingers.
  • Clean printer nozzles each time after refilling by running the clean printhead command.
  • Do not let an ink cartridge run dry. Ink helps to keep the print head from over-heating which can cause irrepairable damage.
  • Especially with colour, print at least once a week to clear drying ink in the printhead.
  • As soon as your cartridge is out of ink, seal it in a clean, airtight bag for refilling as soon as possible. Don't wait too long because as time passes, the success rate of the refill diminishes.
  • Always store refilled cartridges in a cool place and preferably in a ziplocked bag. Keep your cartridges upright with the print head down, particularly colour cartridges.

Printer manufacturers have tried to limit third-party ink suppliers by putting smart computer chips on their cartridges that let only their OEM ink cartridges work in their printers. The Inky Shop is able to reset the chips on many models of cartridge so that so you can print with confidence knowing our product will be accepted by your machine. Our Troubleshooting Tips can walk you through the solutions to some common printer error messages that may occur.

At a fraction of the price of a new cartridge, refilling will extend the life of most inkjet cartridges without harming the printer! The ‘workhorse’ of the inkjet printer is the print head and circuitry contained on the cartridge itself. These heaters continue to do their work and the nozzles continue to fire well beyond just one use on most inkjet cartridges. In fact, the print head will continue to work on average somewhere between the 3rd and 6th time the cartridge is used until the print head weakens significantly or burns out completely.

Refills are surprisingly technical. Cartridges use different technology to print, such as thermal bubble or Piezoelectric technology (patented by Epson), and the ink composition varies greatly between manufacturers.

At The Inky Shop, our professional quality ink refill service uses vacuum-fill technology and premium quality inks that are cartridge specific and 100% compatible with your printer cartridge. This ensures superior results – yields and finest quality printing to match the original!

Refilled cartridges always contain at least the same amount of ink as the original, and sometimes up to 20% more! Eventually, your cartridge will reach a point at which it can no longer be refilled. Through testing, we will advise you of whether your cartridge is in a satisfactory state to refill and when a replacement cartridge purchase is required.

We stand by our ink refill service! Inky Shop refilled cartridges are endorsed by our 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee!

What this means is that we can't guarantee that every refill will work, but we will give you your money back if it doesn't.
The vast majority of our refills work like new, however, there are numerous factors outside of our control e.g. the length of time between the cartridge running empty and when it is brought in for a refill, that affect the refill success rate of the cartridge.
In the instance that your refill doesn't perform as expected, we will recommend that you purchase a new cartridge less the refill value, or give you a refund.

Contact The Inky Shop before replacing your printer and we will gladly advise you on the best solution for your requirements to save you the most money.