2020 Resolutions for small and home business owners

A new year means a new mindset for many of us, especially as we get back into the swing of things with life and work. For those who own small businesses or work from home, there are a few ways in which some of your everyday processes can be made easier. We’ve even got a couple of ideas on how to bring in a little fun too.

2020 Resolutions for small and home business owners


Be mindful of clutter in your space

Taking 2019’s clutter into a new year and decade is a sure way to cloud your focus and crowd your desk. If you haven’t already decluttered, now is the time to do so. Be ruthless when it comes to what you need to keep and what you should shred and recycle. Donating old, unused stationery and notebooks is a wonderful way to give back to those less fortunate without simply throwing it in the bin. If you’re looking for some storage solutions to keep your home office tidy, we’ve got a few nifty ideas right here.


Be creative and take up some DIY

From personalised desk pads to post-it notes, there are many options when it comes to printing your own stationery. It’s also a cool way to add a personal touch to things that are often mundane and spark little joy. There are loads of templates available on the internet. Why not bring the fun to your kids as well? Sure, your home office printer is meant for work tasks but there’s nothing quite like personalised book and stationery labels and even book covers. These will add a little back-to-school excitement for little ones as you sit together and choose what they love best. Grab a few ideas here: https://www.avery.com/ideas/galleries/back-to-school

Weekly plannerSchool timetableSchool timetable warm colours

We have worked on a beautiful weekly planner and two school timetables, all from Freepik.com, to help you get more organised. Find these free printables here.


Be proactive about your supplies

Whether it’s pens and notebooks or printing supplies, keeping an inventory will help lessen those last-minute trips to the shop. They’ll also put an end to those terrible moments when you only realise you’ve run out of ink when it’s too late. This will also make it easier for you to stick to your budget and bring down your printing and stationery costs. This is because you’ll be buying things you need at a price you’re happy with, instead of settling for supplies that come at a higher price when you panic-buy them. Compile a list of what you need and how long it generally takes you to run out of it. As it gets closer to this time frame elapsing, check to see if you need to restock. If you’re running low on ink or paper, now’s the time to order more. Where your printer cartridges are concerned, we can even deliver them to your door!


Be open to what comes next

Whilst you might already have your current target market, reaching them and converting engagement to sales is key. If you’re not yet on social media or if your website needs a refresh, it’s time to pull the trigger. By sitting down to develop a business strategy either with your partner or business coach, you could see some real growth in 2020. Don’t rule out the importance of a great social media presence, a new logo or even a monthly email newsletter. Find what you’re missing out on and tap into it.

From us to you, we wish you a wonderful 2020. We hope it’s one of success and health for your business and loved ones. If there’s anything you need on the printing side of things, we’re only a click or a call away. To stock up on your printer cartridges and have them sent to your door, please visit our website now: https://inkyshop.co.za/collections/all To locate the Inky Shop nearest you, please click here: https://inkyshop.co.za/pages/store-locator

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