Ideas to spring clean and reorganise your office

Staying productive and keeping focus is a tall order if your office is in disarray. No matter how good you are at what you do, a cluttered workspace will always slow you down. When everything has its place and things are organised, it’s amazing how much more you can get done. Why not use a few of these tips to do your very own spring clean and embrace a more organised desk? Thanks to Pinterest’s DIY and a few mindful practices, we’ve grabbed some nifty ideas that you might want to try.

Productivity’s a jar

 Spring clean your desk

We all have a few glass jars lying around at home that are destined for the rubbish bin. Why not upcycle them into a really cool desk organiser? Store all those pens, paperclips and elastic bands in a tower of mason jars secured together with a hot glue gun. By leaving the lids of the jars off, you can get fast access to your office supplies without needing to twist open and remove the top of each jar. We think it looks pretty awesome too.


Be absolutely ruthless in your pursuit of decluttering

Yikes. How many of us dread getting rid of items in case we might need them later on? We suggest taking a look around the room and flagging anything that you haven’t made use of in the last six months. Place these items in a box and donate them to a worthy cause like an underprivileged school or local charity. No one needs 21 empty files anyways… As for the stacks of old paperwork that you no longer need, simply shred and recycle. There’s no use hanging onto things that have no purpose now. 


Stop getting caught in those cables

Declutter your cables

Few things are as irritating as tangled cords and plug boxes. When they’re on the floor, they gather dust, trip us up and have a tendency to get trapped in the wheels of our office chairs. This simple hack will help you limit the amount of slack cable from each one of your devices. All you need is a rubber mat, a permanent marker, a pair of strong scissors, a hot glue gun and a drill.

  • Draw two bone shapes on your rubber mat that are equal in size. We suggest drawing and cutting one first and using that as the template for the other.
  • Glue the two bones together and drill a hole in both ends of the bone. Cut from the hole to the tip of the bone on both sides and wrap the cord from one end of the bone to the other. Make the cord as short as you need it to be by winding it around the middle as much as you like.


Tidy your desk every day

Spring clean your desk

Think of your desk like your bedroom. You might make your bed daily when you’re done sleeping in it for the night. Why not tidy your desk before you finish up for the day? This will ensure that everything is in its place and that you start work fresh, organised and ready to take on new tasks. It’s also one way to ensure that you always know where everything is because you’ve put things where they belong.


Don’t forget your desktop

Now that you’re in a habit of tidying your physical desk, do the same for your PC or laptop’s desktop. Put things in the right folders, empty the trash and eliminate frustrating searches for files you have misplaced. Delete any items that are duplicates or no longer relevant to your work. To save space on your computer, we suggest saving old work you’d like to keep on an external hard drive or in the cloud. This will let your machine run faster too!


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