Why generic printer cartridges won't void your printer warranty

“You shouldn’t use no-name cartridges. Your printer warranty will fall away!” If we had R50.00 for every time we’ve heard that one, we’d own an island in the Bahamas by now. And if there was some truth in that, our business might have even gone under. We’re here to set the record straight…

They’re made in the same way as the branded cartridges

This means that generics aren’t all that different to originals. They’re almost always 40 – 80% cheaper than their branded counterparts too. This makes it more affordable to print and far more cost effective to replace the cartridges regularly. According to inkhub.com, there’s a good chance that your generics will contain more ink than originals as well.

This is often a ploy by the people who made your printer

Buying generic or remanufactured cartridges is often frowned upon by brands who make printers for a very obvious reason: profits. If you bought your cartridges from a generic provider, they would cost far less than the ones purchased from the print company who manufactured your device. This means that they’ll be making less off of you in the long run because you’ve only purchased the printer and not the cartridges, eating into their bottom line.

Look at the Magnuson Moss Warranty Improvement Act of 1975

Although this is an American principle, there’s a lot we can learn from it, especially since it is still enforced today. For starters, the act makes it illegal for printer companies to void the warranties of devices should the owner elect to use generic or recycled ink cartridges. The only thing that might impact your warranty is whether or not the provider can prove that a generic cartridge was the cause of your printer’s malfunction. This has long set the tone for many printer owners abroad to use cartridges of their choice. However, cartridges need to be compatible with the device in question and be of good quality.

You should still do your research

If you’re wanting to migrate to generic ink cartridges, you should weigh up your options. With cartridge replacements being one of the most expensive parts of owning and using a printer, you might be tempted to go cheap. Whilst you might be attempting to save some money on ink, it’s important to remember that you will always get what you pay for. Alternatives have become a lucrative market for many but not everyone can deliver on price and quality. We suggest looking for a provider with a trusted reputation and a legacy of good product and service delivery. If possible, look out for returns policies so that you’re not left at risk should you purchase an incorrect cartridge. At The Inky Shop, we value our customers. It’s why we’ve got a 100% refund policy on unopened and unused products. To read more about this, please click here. https://inkyshop.co.za/pages/returns-policy

We’ve got a selection of cartridges that won’t break the bank

Keeping your printer going is what we’re known for, but we’re also appreciated for our products that deliver quality and value. For all of your printing needs whether at home or at the office, we’re always just a click or a call away. To stock up on your printer consumables and enjoy delivery to your door, please visit our website now: https://inkyshop.co.za/collections/all If you’d prefer to pop in and talk to a member of the team, we’d love to see you at your nearest Inky Shop. Locate yours by clicking here: https://inkyshop.co.za/pages/store-locator

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