How to reduce your printing paper and ink consumption

Saving on printing paper is both efficient for ecological and economic reasons. Reducing the printing paper and ink you use monthly, affects your budget. Print-reducing efforts, like printing double-sided or saving out PDFs instead of printing, help.

There are occasions when printing is necessary. It may be a school project or a business presentation. In these instances, handy software designed to minimise your printing can ensure you get the most out of your printer consumables.


Format Word Processing Documents to save printing paper

Are you fitting enough text onto a document? Instead of hitting “print” and hoping you don’t overdo it, manage how much you fit onto one page to reduce your printing paper usage. Microsoft 2010 allows you to adjust your margin sizes to fit more text onto one page. Click on the Page Layout tab and adjust the margin by clicking on the down arrows and shifting the margins as you need them.

Along with that, watch your text size and your spacing to ensure you’re getting the best value for your printing paper. Do that by navigating to the Paragraph Dialogue box and selecting single spacing.


Print multiple short spreadsheets on one page

If you’re operating Excel 2010, selecting to print on one page happens at the print preview page. Find the option to scale at the bottom of the page. You will then find the options ‘Fit sheet on one page’, they may also be other options. Make sure you select the option that allows you to fit as many tables onto one page as possible and save on printing paper.


Print many Powerpoint slides on one page of printing paper

Fit as many Powerpoint slides onto a single page. Select the Tiled option on the print dialogue box - it’s especially handy if your slides contain bulleted lists. Certain printers may allow you to print from here, while others are not compatible with this option.

Printing from the internet

The internet plugin allows you to select a web page. You can then print it and get only the content you want without the adverts and extras that will consume ink. Choose which graphics and videos you would like to keep. The plugin may reduce the speed your searches load at. For the purposes of using less printing paper and remaining cost-effective, it's wonderful.


Printer’s economy mode to save ink

Most printers have a setting that many people are unaware of - it’s called economy mode. You will not get frame-worthy prints, but for documents or basic notes, it’s perfect. Your printing will appear lighter. If you’re using a laser printer - the economic setting is Toner Saver.


Print/scan/fax printers and printing and density

Multi-function printers have a nifty feature - you can control your print density before the ink reaches the printing paper. This means you can decide how much ink is used for standard printing. Lower the density to ensure less ink is used. Like economy mode, your prints may come out lighter but it does save significant amounts of ink. If you feel the density is too light, you are able to adjust it to the correct balance for your needs.


Check print preview before printing

This may sound obvious - but, do it. The print preview feature helps you make sure that what you’re printing is as you need it to be. Make sure it contains all the information you need. If you take the time to look at it, it will prevent the need to reprint due to layout faults or missing information.


Save on ink and printing paper to save the environment

Saving on printing paper and ink is not about skimping and doing without. It’s about making small changes to your printing routine to ensure you’re getting the most out of the printing paper and ink you have available. Of course, the other great way to save on ink and printing costs is to use certified alternative cartridges. At the Inky Shop, we understand that money doesn’t grow on trees, and we also understand there’s a shortage of trees. We strive to help our customers get the best value from their printing as possible. We do this with quality alternative ink cartridges at the best prices, while doing as much as we can to benefit the environment. Ready to save on printing costs? Locate The Inky Shop near you!

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