Home office ideas: How to hide your printer

The modern-day printer we know, love, and depend on, hasn’t had a facelift as yet. Ever. Sure, some contemporary designs are a little sleek. Some models are still a bit dated, or “vintage”, but overall, a printer isn’t the prettiest thing to display on your desk.

Fortunately, there is a variety of creative home office ideas that offer trendy solutions for your printer. You can stash it like it doesn't exist (without compromising ease of use when you need to print) or you can incorporate it into your decor. A stylish printer? As unlikely as it sounds, it’s not only possible, it’s trendy too.

3 home office ideas to conceal a bulky printer

Customise your office furniture

Add hinges to existing drawers on your desk to function as a cupboard, but look like desk drawers. Stash your printer neatly away in the said compartment. The fold-open drawer provides easy access to your printer. The bonus: Store your paper and consumables in a drawer close by. Tucking away your printer may also extend its life, it’s safe and protected from heavy articles resting on it. Not to mention, chances of the occasional coffee spills are eliminated.

hide your printer in custom drawers

1. Photo via hative.com; 2. Photo via bhg.com; 3. Tutorial at jenwoodhouse.com

Wheel it out of sight

Depending on the printer you use, you may need a storage solution that gives you access to every side of the printer. With a neat set up such as these, it doesn’t necessarily need to be out of sight. Store all your printing supplies (paper and cartridges) on the same trolley for easy access. This idea is particularly handy if you share you printer with others in the household, as you can wheel it to where it's needed. Wheel your printer neatly away or under your desk, ready to go when you need it next.

hide your printer on a trolley 

For more see: 1. karapaslaydesigns.com; 2. whitehouseblackshutters.com; 3. thehousediaries.com

Dabble in some DIY

Can you spot the printer? Only if you’re looking for it, right? Dabble in a little DIY with a trendy printer cover. A woven basket adds to the natural textures we already love about these home office ideas. This DIY is simple - source a basket that houses your printer comfortably. Make sure it opens at the top to give you access to everything you need. Then, simply cut away the areas covering buttons and the paper release. You may need a wire cutter as many baskets are woven around a wire frame. For a more formal look, try your hand at this nifty wooden box.

 hide your printer under DIY cover

For full tutorials see: 1. thediyplaybook.com; 2. cleverlyinspired.com

Home office ideas to maximise your productivity

A printer serves a function. Make sure you get the best use from it by making it easily accessible. Accommodate cords, if its wireless, ensure it can receive Wifi signal. One of the most important considerations is loading paper easily - followed by retrieving your prints.

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