Five affordable ways to spruce up your home office

Those who work from home will know the struggle that comes with creating a designated office space. It’s why many tend to work from the couch or the dining room table until such time as they’re forced to consider a more formal area to complete their tasks. Unfortunately, the home office is an area that doesn’t get much love. It also takes a backseat to other more public areas like the lounge and dining room. This is especially where investing in décor is concerned.

As the place that allows you to earn an income, you’d be amazed at how much more productive a beautiful space can make you. It’s why we’ve put together a few ways that you can make your home office a place that really inspires you, all without breaking the bank.

Spruce Up Your Home Office


Bring in your personality

There’s no one in the world quite like you and your space should reflect that. By bringing in items that represent you, you are far more likely to feel inspired by your home office. Think personal trinkets or even industry-relevant décor. For example, a mannequin if you’re in fashion or a vintage typewriter if you’re an author. You probably already have a few items at the back of cupboards that are perfect for this. Another great way to personalise your workspace is photos of loved ones and places that made you happy. You can hang them on the wall and make them a feature or use standing frames on your desk or a shelf. Whether your style is more classic or quirky, there are no rules to this.


Add a little more life through a plant

Spruce Up Your Home Office






Greenery has a funny way of making us calm and energetic all at the same time. House plants are also a major trend at the moment too. From pots on your desk to a standing pot holder in the corner, a room can be given a new lease on life just by adding a few leaves. They also keep the air clean too. Make sure you choose a low maintenance one. You already have one job, let’s not make plant care another.


Consider some art

Spruce Up Your Home Office

We’re all inspired by different images and even if you’re not even remotely creative, the right pieces of art can motivate you. We suggest choosing pieces that speak to you. Alternatively, get artsy relatives to paint or draw for your space. If you’re a parent, hanging up art from your children is a great way to remind you of why you work so hard. These don’t cost a thing either!


Make it comfortable

Although it’s a place for work, you should still feel at home there. After all, your office is an extension of your house and of you. From rugs to other soft furnishings like a comfortable chair or even a bean bag, there are loads of ways to up the comfort factor. Some people even add a throw so that they can stay warm in cooler months. If you have a few things stored away, why not bring them out and find a use for them in your office?


Ensure you have everything you need

Spruce Up Your Home Office

From pens to paper, a printer and ink, there are a few supplies that you need to have on hand no matter what. Nothing ruins productivity like realising you’re out of ink, especially when you need to print as soon as possible. Make your life a little easier by stocking up on your printables here:

We know that you’re busy, so we’ll deliver them to your door as well. Should you wish to visit one of our stores, you can locate the one closest to you.


If you’ve followed any of these tips to update your home office, let us know!
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