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Alternative Inkjet HP 21XL Black

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Generic/Compatible HP 21XL Inkjet Cartridge - Black

Estimated page yield: 475 pages @ 5% coverage

Compatible witht the following printers:

Deskjet D3900 Series
Deskjet 3910
Deskjet 3918
Deskjet 3920
Deskjet 3930
Deskjet 3938
Deskjet 3940 C9050A
Deskjet D1300 Series
Deskjet D1380
Deskjet D1400 Series
Deskjet D1430
Deskjet D1460
Deskjet D1470
Deskjet D1500 Series
Deskjet D1560
Deskjet D2300 Series
Deskjet D2330 CB671C
Deskjet D2360 C9079A
Deskjet D2400 Series
Deskjet D2400
Deskjet D2430
Deskjet D2460 CB611A
Deskjet F2100 Series
Deskjet F2110
Deskjet F2120
Deskjet F2128
Deskjet F2149
Deskjet F2180 CB596A
Deskjet F2187
Deskjet F2188
Deskjet F2200 Series
Deskjet F2210
Deskjet F2212
Deskjet F2224
Deskjet F2240
Deskjet F2250
Deskjet F2280
Deskjet F2290
Deskjet F300 All in one series
Deskjet F310
Deskjet F325
Deskjet F335
Deskjet F340
Deskjet F350
Deskjet F370
Deskjet F378
Deskjet F380
Deskjet F385
Deskjet F388
Deskjet F390
Deskjet F394
Deskjet F4100 Series
Deskjet F4135
Deskjet F4140
Deskjet F4150
Deskjet F4172
Deskjet F4175
Deskjet F4180
Deskjet F4185
Deskjet F4188
Deskjet F4190
Deskjet F4194
Fax 1250
Officejet 4300 Series
Officejet 4311
Officejet 4312
Officejet 4314
Officejet 4315
Officejet 4317
Officejet 4319
Officejet 4352
Officejet 4353
Officejet 4355
Officejet 4357
Officejet 4359
Officejet J3600 Series
Officejet J3608
Officejet J3640
Officejet J3650
Officejet J3680
Officejet J5500 Series
Officejet J5508
Officejet J5520
Officejet PSC 1400 Series
Officejet PSC 1401
Officejet PSC 1402
Officejet PSC 1403
Officejet PSC 1410
Officejet PSC 1415
Officejet PSC 1417