The ins and outs of our in-store loyalty programme

Call us biased, but we happen to believe that our customers are the best ones of all. It’s why we think that they deserve to be rewarded with great benefits, discounts and the latest offerings before they’re available for all to see. If you aren’t a member of our loyalty programme, where have you been all this time? We’re kidding! We just think you ought to know what you’ve been missing out on. Here’s why you might want to sign up and start enjoying the benefits…

The Inky Shop Loyalty Programme

Industry alerts on the newest firmware upgrades and more

If there’s something we think you need to know, we share it with our loyalty programme members.
For example, some printer firmware updates prevent your printer from accepting alternative/generic cartridges. If you wish to use the after-market consumables of your choice, such as The Inky Shop’s high quality and affordable alternative cartridges, then we feel you should know about these updates so that you can make an informed decision before installing the update.  You can be sure that we won’t be sending you generic spam!

There are great deals and coupons

If you’re a member of our loyalty programme, you'll get access to our special offers and promotions that help you save on your purchases.

R50 off our Inky Shop toner

Imagine saving fifty bucks on a new Inky Shop alternative toner every time you bring in an empty toner cartridge? As a loyalty member, you can!

20% of your refill spend back in rewards points

These can be used to claim discounts on future purchases. Once you’ve reached 90 points (around 4-5 refills), your next one will be on us! You don't need to keep track of a loyalty card, as all your transactions and points are conveniently stored under your profile on our system. T&Cs apply.

Fast, convenient order processing

By using your secure transaction history via our point-of-sale system, we can accurately process future purchases. We also save your cartridge model numbers so that you can complete repeat orders in a flash!
It even means you won’t need to produce an invoice in the unlikely event of a return, because we’ll have everything on file.


We’re ready when you are!

Signing up is super easy in one of our stores. If you’re in, all we need is an email address and contact number. It’s as simple as that. If you want to find your closest Inky Shop, you can head over to our store locator: 

For more on our offerings and how you can get them delivered to your door, please click here to get shopping.

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