The Inky Shop’s primary product offering is an extensive range of original and Inky Shop alternative inkjet, toner & copier cartridges for your printer.  Select outlets (KwaZulu Natal | Gauteng | Western Cape) also offer one or more of the following additional services:

-Professional Quality Refilling Service, using vacuum-fill technology, while you wait

-Loyalty Customer Programme

- Empties Exchange

-Quality Paper and Computer Accessories

-Ribbons and Copier Consumables

-Self-service Internet Café and/or Copying Service

More About The Inky Shop Refill Service

Refilling your empty ink cartridges is an extremely cost-effective way of printing and lightens the load carried by the environment as it keeps cartridges from landfill sites as well as reducing the negative environmental impact of having to manufacture as many new cartridges. Inky Shop alternative and refilled ink cartridges will NOT void your printer warranty. In fact, consumer law states that a manufacturer’s warranty cannot be voided due to the consumer exercising their right to use the aftermarket consumable of their choice.

Read more about our refilling service here.


More about our Loyalty Customers Programme

We love to reward our loyal customers! That’s why we’re giving you the chance to join our loyalty programme. We’ll give you awesome benefits like R50 off the purchase of your new Inky Shop toner when you return an empty cartridge and every 6th ink refill for free.

We keep your transaction history secure so you can never forget which cartridge model you need. All this and so much more.

Discover all the benefits here.


More about our Empties Exchange

Ink cartridges are a major culprit of environmental damage, especially once they reach landfill sites where the plastic components take about 1000 years to decompose. Don’t throw away your empty cartridges! Recycle them at an Inky Shop near you and receive a discount off your next purchase. 

Save the planet and your pocket at the same time.

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The news is out!

The same QUALITY toner at a new, CHEAPER price!

We’ve cut our Inky Shop alternative toner prices. Do you want to find out how much you could be saving on toner cartridges? Come in store and see what great prices we’re offering or request a quote.