How to reduce office printing costs for small businesses

The bottom line. It’s a concern for all small business owners. No one wants their business to be costing more than it makes. That would hardly be the point. While a small company can do many things to bring in business and increase their profit margins, they can also take measures to ensure they don’t overspend unnecessarily. One of the easiest ways you can lower office spending is by taking control of your printing costs. Often printing, copying, and scanning add up to a sizeable part of the monthly debits.

6 tips for keeping printing costs down

There are many ways a small business can keep their printing costs down. It just takes some forethought and putting a few practices into place. Do you want to cut down on unnecessary expenditure in the office? Start with halving your printing costs! Follow our six handy tips, and you’ll be spending less on office printing in no time.

Upgrade your hardware, downgrade your printing costs

First thing’s first – upgrade your office printers. While this may seem a costly exercise, updating your hardware can save on long-term printing costs. Older machines generally cost more to run than newer models. Choosing a modern printer that is both energy and consumption conscious can go a long way when reducing office costs. An energy efficient machine generates less heat and comes with handy features such as sleep modes, helping reduce electricity usage. (And we all know how those utility bills can sting at the end of the month!) New printers also tend to use less ink or toner, making supplies last longer. And let’s not forget, modern printers are much faster which is great for staff productivity levels. Contact The Inky Shop before replacing your printer, and we will gladly advise you on the best solution for your requirements to save you the most money.

Print double-sided

A contributing factor to high printing costs is excessive use of paper. If your business is going through several reams a week, it’s time to make some adjustments. Your company can reduce its paper costs by setting all the printers to print double-sided, cutting paper usage in half. Not only does monitoring your paper usage save money, but it also benefits the environment. There’s never a downside to going green.

Ditch the colour

Colour may look pretty, but the costs of colour cartridges can be higher than traditional black ink. Sticking to a rule of no colour printing will help reduce expenses when it comes to restocking your office printer. You can go one step further, and print in draft mode. Draft mode lowers the quality of printing, using less ink and toner in the process – it’s a good idea for internal office printing. Save the high-quality prints for client documents only.

Focus on the font

Did you know you can also save ink just by changing your font? That’s right. Some fonts waste ink and even paper by taking up more space per letter. It might sound demanding, but asking your employees to use lighter fonts can significantly reduce printing costs by stretching ink/toner further. Ditch the Arial Black, Lucida Console and Comic Sans MS and opt for Times New Roman or Century Gothic. It also helps to choose a smaller font size and use bold sparingly.

Use cloud sharing

With today’s technology at your fingertips, there should be no reason to print unnecessarily. Online platforms and cloud sharing makes the process of going paperless quick and easy. Save the printing for the VIP documents and share everything else electronically. Using a cloud service for all staff notices, presentations, business documents, memos, and newsletters online makes it both easy to store and share documents with colleagues and clients alike, without ever having to print a thing. Save printing costs and the planet all in one swoop.

Switch to compatible and remanufactured consumables

Of course, it’s impossible for a company to cut out printing altogether. There will always be a time when something has to be printed. But, you can cut down on printing costs by ditching the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges. Instead, switch to high quality compatible or remanufactured cartridges. Reputable companies, such as The Inky Shop, provide affordable alternatives to branded cartridges that perform equally to OEM, if not better. (Read our earlier blog to discover the differences between OEM, remanufactured and compatible cartridges.)

Don’t let your printing costs get out of hand. Put your company’s print strategy into place today. Not only will you boost your profits, but you’ll be doing your part to save the world’s resources. Want to start saving costs today? Stop by your nearest Inky Shop store and stock up on Inky Shop alternative cartridges for inkjet, toner, and copier printers. Locate a store near you or contact us for a quote.

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