Maintain your printer for longer

Printers are one of the staple appliances found in home offices and like most electronic devices require regular maintenance to keep in perfect working order. There is nothing more exasperating than a malfunctioning printer when you urgently need to print an important document. Luckily, these frustrations can be minimised with the right knowledge and routine care.

maintain your printer

Top maintenance tips

Taking good care of your printer will help it last longer. Investing in a maintenance kit is a great idea to assist in extending your printer’s lifespan. Maintenance kits can include cleaning products and replaceable parts, which can come in handy when parts wear out.

We’ve put together some handy tips to help you keep your trusty printer ticking over for longer:

Clean the printheads

The printhead is the part of your printer which transfers ink onto the paper. It is possible for the printheads to become clogged. A clogged printhead can be identified by white lines running across your printout. It’s important to consult your printer’s manual before attempting to clean the printheads to ensure you do it correctly. Some printers are able to self-clean, and just require a few clicks of a button to get the job done, but the printheads can be cleaned manually too. Try avoid cleaning your printheads more than need be as this process does use up ink.

Keep your printer clean

Dust can build up in your printer and cause both jams and streaks of unwanted ink on your pages. Ensure your printer is always kept clean inside and out. Use a damp, lint-free cloth to clean the outside of your printer. This will remove the dust and dirt particles that accumulate on the exterior of the printer and help prevent a build up inside the printer. Particles inside the printer can be removed by using a small, pressure-controlled vacuum or a cotton swab and purified water. Be sure to check your manual to confirm which areas of your printer shouldn’t be swabbed and resist the urge to apply too much pressure.

maintain your printer

Avoid paper jams

Mechanical errors sometimes occur despite our best efforts. As frustrating as a paper jam may be, it is best to deal with it calmly and avoid yanking the paper out of the printer. Your manual will provide guidelines on how best to deal with the dreaded paper jam, but usually using two hands to gently and slowly prise the paper out of the machine is the best approach. Take care to avoid damaging any internal parts of the printer or leaving behind ripped pieces of paper. Try to avoid paper jams altogether by always ensuring the paper in your printer is new, no torn or dog-eared pieces, and not over-filling the paper tray.

Consider the placement of your printer

The area you choose to place your printer can have an impact on its lifespan. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight or directly in line with any air vents. Both heat and dry air can have a negative impact on your printer.

Be cautious

Always take care when opening your printer for maintenance. Remember to always turn the power off first and try not to touch any moving parts or the hot fusers. Taking these precautions will prevent any accidental damage. It’s also a good idea to turn your printer off when it is not in use as they generate a large amount of heat while on.

Use your printer regularly

It is advisable to keep your printer in regular use to prevent the ink from drying up. If the ink is left to dry up it could result in clogging the printhead which could potentially cause serious damage. Printing a page or two every now and then helps keep your printer in good working condition.

New generations of printers are continually being launched, but there’s no reason you should be updating your printer more than absolutely necessary. While the occasional jams and errors are unavoidable, the frequency of their occurrence can be reduced with correct and constant upkeep. Keep your device printing in glorious colour with our Inky Shop alternative cartridges and refilling service. Find a store near you.

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