The Inky Shop: The benefits of being a franchisee

If you believe that bringing consumers quality, affordable printing consumables while you save the environment sounds cool, you might be Inky Shop franchisee material. Having your own portion of a successful business gives you great freedom, while you still have the safety net of the brand to cover some of your risks.

The benefits of being a business owner


Being a business owner comes with some tempting benefits, not to mention, the ability to set your own paycheck amounts of money (hopefully). Setting goals and having the power to pursue and achieve them is all part of the package of owning a business. Each goal that is achieved leaves you feeling accomplished and satisfied.

You also get the chance to tailor customer service the way you believe it should be. Company policies and procedures restrict what employees can and cannot do for customers, so, unless you write the policies and procedures yourself, your hands are tied and there is a limit to what you can offer clients.

Owning a business also gives you the opportunity to start setting a whole new standard in the industry. Strive for the best service and highest quality products, and you will quickly create a name for yourself and start overtaking industry competitors. Let’s not forget that tiny detail of being able to pocket the money you make and have an unlimited earning potential, rather than being restricted to a salary that is chosen for you, by someone else.

Being a franchise owner

Many people feel that being an entrepreneur and starting a business from scratch is the best move for them. It is a great and very brave endeavour to undertake. Being an entrepreneur also means there are a good number of years that you will be hiring, firing, marketing, researching, burning the midnight candles and still not seeing a profit, because it takes years to start seeing the financial returns on that energy. So why not rather jump on board and start profiting from an established name? Buying into a franchise allows a business owner to piggyback on the success of an entrepreneur, without the years of labour and financial nail-biting.

Joining a franchise gives you the opportunity to be self-employed, without the enormous risk that is generally involved in starting your own business. You will walk into a successful business model with support and guidance from the franchisor. You have the opportunity to share in the marketing success of the brand. You will have on-going training and be kept updated on the latest innovations in the industry, ensuring that your services and products are always relevant to the market you are catering for. In short, your success is the franchisor’s success, and for that reason, you will never want for resources and support to help your business flourish.

Join an established brand: The Inky Shop

The Inky Shop was established in 2002 and has climbed an ever-ascending ladder of success. The Inky Shop has perfected its business model which has been refined into an easy-to-follow recipe that can be used by all the business owners under the brand. They have combined their vast knowledge of printer consumables with a profound understanding of the needs and desires of the retail market to bring a higher level of customer satisfaction to the industry.  

The Inky Shop offers new franchisees training on the system procedures and technical aspects of the business, as well as training on product codes, securing debtors and IT systems. The Inky Shop’s training also extends to bring franchisees the latest information in the printing industry, and is ongoing, keeping each franchisee updated on every new innovation. After all, we want to create industry professionals!

We also give you access to our preferred suppliers, with the option of making bulk orders. Your brand awareness marketing will be taken care of via the franchise – one less stress for you (while your brand awareness continues to grow), and you will be advised on how to implement local marketing strategies that are relevant to your area. We offer you ongoing support through franchisee meetings and we also offer you access to the Regional Master Franchisor. You will have business support and analysis to ensure you are unlocking your full potential and achieving the highest level of success possible.

The Inky Shop currently welcomes interested individuals across Southern Africa to join the existing business structure that helps new franchisees thrive.

Should you require any additional information, contact Duncan at or 082 899 0503.

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