Household recycling: How can you help the environment this Earth Day?

Here at The Inky Shop, we’re passionate about the environment. We’re aware of the positive impact recycling can have on the earth. Packaging ending up in landfill sites can take millions of years to decompose. The plastic components in a single ink cartridge can take up to 1000 years to decompose. Not to mention, the carbon footprint left behind by the production of new cartridges. The Inky Shop does its best to promote awareness of recycling. We encourage customers to recycle their empty cartridges and reduce waste by refilling ink over buying new.

waste recycling

The approach of Earth Day, 22 April, should serve as a reminder for the human population to treasure and care for our planet. We should be making a conscious effort to reuse and recycle, taking care with what and how we discard our household packaging. We decided to take our recycling programme one step further. This Earth Day, we want to encourage our customers to recycle their household packaging and help a good cause at the same time. We’re on a drive to collect recyclables for the Singakwenza Charity Organisation.

The Singakwenza Drive: Recycling for a worthy cause

Singakwenza is a charity organisation in KwaZulu-Natal. They provide economically disadvantaged communities with the tools for sustainable early childhood education. The charity recognizes the importance for young children between the ages one to five, to develop educational foundations through play. Educational toys are expensive. The Singakwenza Organisation teaches caregivers how to create educational toys out of household packaging items. The zero-cost toys teach everything from motor skills to math skills and even language development. Not only does this benefit the communities but provides a sustainable recycling programme for household recyclables.

What are we collecting?

Singakwenza holds workshops all over the country, teaching caregivers of young children how to upcycle articles of household packaging into educational toys. Our KwaZulu-Natal stores at Midlands Liberty Mall and Hayfields MallI will be serving as collection points for these household packaging items during the two weeks leading up to Earth Day.

We’re looking for:

Cereal boxes,

Two and five-litre ice cream containers with lids,

One-litre yoghurt containers with lids,

Plastic lids from coke bottles, Super M, and milk bottles etc.


Please wash all items first.

waste recycling

Get involved this Earth Day. Recycle and help a creche provide early childhood educational activities. Save your recyclables. Drop them off at one of the participating KZN stores between the 10th of April 2018 and the 22nd of April 2018.

Locate your nearest participating KZN Inky Shop store here. Let’s help save the environment.

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