printer problems

Troubleshooting tips: Common printer problems and how to solve them

Dreaded printer problems are a familiar frustration for us all. It’s inevitable, at some point everyone who owns a printer is going to have to troubleshoot their machine. Paper jams, error messages, poor quality prints – these all cause our hearts to sink. Often, people avoid using alternative or remanufactured …

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printer firmware

Printer firmware: Things you should know before clicking ‘update’

In a world where technology evolves and updates faster than the speed of light, we’re all desperate to have the latest version. Whether it’s the newest software for your PC or mobile device or the most recent update for your favourite app, no one wants to get left behind. Security …

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How to reduce office printing costs for small businesses

The bottom line. It’s a concern for all small business owners. No one wants their business to be costing more than it makes. That would hardly be the point. While a small company can do many things to bring in business and increase their profit margins, they can also take …

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office printer

A guide to office printer etiquette for a harmonious workplace

The office printer, possibly the hardest working piece of equipment in any workplace. It’s inevitable, every employee, at some point, is going to need to print out documents. Usually all at the same time. This central hub can be a place for a bit of friendly natter or the start …

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buying a printer

Buying a printer: Tips for choosing the perfect model

Choosing a printer can be a big decision. There are many different types, models and brands, all with varying features and capabilities. Are you buying a printer for personal home use or are you running a home office? Are you a small business needing a printer capable of handling a …

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printer ink

Printer Tips: How to tell when your printer ink is low

Running out of printer ink can be a frustrating feeling, especially when you are rushing to get a document or assignment printed. There’s nothing worse than firing up the printer as you’re dashing out of the house and that sinking feeling when the low ink warning flashes. Not only is …

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maintain your printer

Maintain your printer for longer

Printers are one of the staple appliances found in home offices and like most electronic devices require regular maintenance to keep in perfect working order. There is nothing more exasperating than a malfunctioning printer when you urgently need to print an important document. Luckily, these frustrations can be minimised with …

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