buying a printer
Buying a printer: Tips for choosing the perfect model
2 May 2018, Wednesday

Choosing a printer can be a big decision. There are many different types, models and brands, all with varying features and capabilities. Are you buying a printer for personal home use or are you running a home office? Are you a small business needing a printer capable of handling a …

waste recycling
Household recycling: How can you help the environment this Earth Day?
28 March 2018, Wednesday

Here at The Inky Shop, we’re passionate about the environment. We’re aware of the positive impact recycling can have on the earth. Packaging ending up in landfill sites can take millions of years to decompose. The plastic components in a single ink cartridge can take up to 1000 years to decompose. …

printer ink
Printer Tips: How to tell when your printer ink is low
28 March 2018, Wednesday

Running out of printer ink can be a frustrating feeling, especially when you are rushing to get a document or assignment printed. There’s nothing worse than firing up the printer as you’re dashing out of the house and that sinking feeling when the low ink warning flashes. Not only is …

remanufactured cartridges
The myths of remanufactured cartridges
1 March 2018, Thursday

At The Inky Shop, we are aware of the consequences discarded cartridges have on the environment. We believe we should all be doing our part to protect the environment from the negative effects of discarded waste. For this reason, we have our own range of Inky Shop remanufactured cartridges. Unfortunately, …

handling your printer cartridges
Caring for your printer cartridges
26 January 2018, Friday

We all know that dreaded feeling you get when the printer starts flashing ‘low ink’. Keeping the printer fed and happy is a costly affair, cartridges can be expensive. The less you have to replace the ink the better. Buying remanufactured cartridges can help cut down costs, but proper care …

maintain your printer
Maintain your printer for longer
21 December 2017, Thursday

Printers are one of the staple appliances found in home offices and like most electronic devices require regular maintenance to keep in perfect working order. There is nothing more exasperating than a malfunctioning printer when you urgently need to print an important document. Luckily, these frustrations can be minimised with …

toner cartridges
Toner cartridges: All the facts you need to know about recycling
28 November 2017, Tuesday

Let’s face it, everyone knows (or should know) the benefits of recycling paper, but how many people give a second thought when it comes to tossing out spent toner cartridges? Not nearly as many as there should be. Did you even know there was a whole new life awaiting your …

inkjet or laser
Inkjet vs. laser printing: Which should you choose?
31 October 2017, Tuesday

Inkjet or laser? The time for a new printer has arrived, but with so many options to choose from, even the experienced buyer might feel overwhelmed. The first question you must ask yourself, before being distracted by all the fancy features printers come with these days, is whether you want …

The Inky Shop: The benefits of being a franchisee
28 September 2017, Thursday

If you believe that bringing consumers quality, affordable printing consumables while you save the environment sounds cool, you might be Inky Shop franchisee material. Having your own portion of a successful business gives you great freedom, while you still have the safety net of the brand to cover some of …

Ink cartridges: Recycle and reuse for a greener future
31 August 2017, Thursday

Ink cartridges, you know, those small, plastic containers we throw out without giving much thought to. In South Africa alone, an estimated 11 million cartridges are sold every year and only about 30% of these are recycled. The other 70% that end up in landfills can fill 35 forty foot …